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Are You looking for high-quality, state-of-the-art freight shipping services to streamline your supply chains? Look no further than Emeril XPress, a “full-service” dynamic logistics company that provides versatile shipping services all across the country. We’re your go-to shipping & logistics solution ensuring the safe, one-time, and secure delivery of your goods at affordable rates.

Regardless of your freight’s size, dimensions, and type, Emeril XPress provides you with unparalleled transportation services. Whether you want to ship locally or regionally, we have a guaranteed capacity for You even at a moment’s notice. As a professional freight shipping company, we understand that the safe and on-time delivery of your goods is a matter of your business’s survival. That’s why we always strive to make the shipping process affordable, seamless, and hassle-free for you.

We’re committed to simplifying the complicated shipping processes to get you ahead of your competition. Our cutting-edge transportation services are tailor-made to meet your unique shipping needs and provide you the peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands. Once you hand over your goods to us, we handle them with exceptional care and as per international safety standards.

Our Freight Shipping Services

Emeril XPress partners with an extensive network of thoroughly vetted, handpicked carriers to transport any shipment, big or small. We have a team of highly-experienced, well-trained logistics experts that supervises your shipment’s delivery from the origin to the destination. Unlike other logistics companies, we don’t believe in the “one-solution-best-for-all” formula, as every client has unique shipping needs. Our experts communicate with clients to know their shipping requirements and figure out the most affordable and efficient way to ship their goods. We offer a wide range of freight shipping services for shippers, suppliers, retailers, businesses, and industries.

Dry Van Freight Shipping

Dry Van Freight Shipping

Our Dry Van shipping service is an ideal logistics solution to transport your shipments that need protection against damaging weather conditions, external elements (road debris or dust), and theft. Whether your freight is palletized, boxed, or loose, we ensure their safe, secure, and on-time delivery in an enclosed environment of our dry vans.

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Refrigerated Freight Shipping

Refrigerated Freight Shipping

Our refrigerated freight shipping service is tailor-made to transport your temperature-sensitive, perishable, or frozen shipments, like pharmaceuticals, food items, beverages, and meat. Our reefer trailers are equipped with the latest temperature-management system that allows us to efficiently transport your temperature-controlled goods without compromising their quality.

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Flatbed Freight Shipping

Flatbed Freight Shipping

Flatbed freight shipping is an ideal choice for shipping your goods that cannot fit inside a standard enclosed trailer or container. Our flatbed trailers are designed with an open bed, allowing us to transport any oversized, overweight, or irregularly shaped cargo for you, such as construction equipment, vehicles, steel pipes, or lumber.

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Expedited Freight Shipping

Expedited Freight Shipping

You can count on our expedited freight shipping service for swift, safe, and affordable delivery of your time-sensitive goods. Our expedited service will provide you with an urgent shipping capacity when all other standard shipping options don't suit your delivery requirements. With our experienced carriers, we're more than capable of delivering time-sensitive freight as quickly as possible, often within the same or the next day.

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The Most Progressive Company

Besides maintaining the highest standard in freight shipping, we’re resolute in ensuring sustainability and environmental protection in our operations.


Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading and most trusted freight shipping services providers in the country by employing the latest logistics technology & innovation.

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Our mission is to provide our clients with cost-effective, efficient, and reliable freight shipping services to add value to their businesses and help them achieve their goals.

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We are committed to be the leading logistic solutions provider to our customer. We continually improving & implementing a quality management to achieve it
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